Cash Book Pro - Gold - £29.99

Our most advanced template. This includes many benefits and still only priced at £29.99.


Key Features

  • One template for the full trading year.
  • Simple data entry – income, expenses, sales and purchase invoices.
  • Bank reconciliation.
  • Sales and purchase ledgers.
  • VAT – preparation of returns.
  • VAT – now includes flat rate VAT option.
  • Month by month profit and loss.
  • Month by month cash flow.
  • Trial balance.
  • And more..

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Gone are the days when bookkeeping was a laborious task, entering information into a ledger, which you hoped was accurate in order to keep the taxman happy. Now, there are much better alternatives and with ever more sophisticated software on the horizon things can only get better. However, for the smaller business, more often than not, they cannot afford or manage the more complex software programmes that are available. Often, they want something that is simple and easy to use, mobile and can be easily understood.

Bookkeeping spreadsheets are excellent for those running a small business and far more affordable if funds are tight at the beginning. Save money on the more expensive software and you have enough left over to spend elsewhere in your business. Here is some very simple and easy to understand bookkeeping and accounting software which caters for both VAT and non-VAT registered businesses. If your business comprises of ledgers or sheets of paper then your business could suffer.

Online excel bookkeeping can be kept simple and straightforward so that you can keep an accurate record of what’s going on while being able to continue running your business. You won’t be restricted having to do your accounting in one place, it’s far easier to send data and reports to your HMRC or to your accountant, there is less opportunity for errors, and everything can be backed up. You can also make sure you keep a copy on a password protected encrypted memory stick if you wish, should your laptop or pcs be involved in fire or theft.

Another advantage is that many small businesses are nervous about putting their business information online and sharing it with a 3rd party. With excel bookkeeping spreadsheets; this isn’t a problem as the only one with access is you, your staff, or your business partner.