Cash Book Pro - Silver - £19.99

Simple Excel bookkeeping for VAT registered businesses.


Key Features

  • Simple data entry.
  • Enter income and expenses.
  • Choose your income and expenses headings (or use the default).
  • The template prepares your VAT return
  • You even get a simple income and expenditure report.

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The introduction of computerized systems has provided many advantages over the years, such as accuracy and speed and the ability to see the state of your business in real time. However if a small business buys an expensive accounting package that is too complicated to understand, a business can soon return to a paper based accounting system, too shy to take that initial but essential step to computerized accounting again.

This needn’t be the case; as there are small businesses accounting softwarepackages that are free, that come at an affordable price so that a small to medium business can start gently with an Excel based accounting package that will take minutes to learn and give your business the opportunity it needs to grow. Excel has powerful capabilities and is the best small business accounting software you can have, however, with cashbook pro the advantage is that all the hard work’s been done already by producing a bookkeeping service that generates reports and VAT returns, records income and expenses and gives your business the peace of mind it needs.

The cashbook pro has made extensive use of Excel’s many functions to come up with workable and fully functional bookkeeping software that makes accounting pain free. In the small business world and for those starting a new business this is excellent news.

The cashbook pro has clear advantages for managing accounting data, you want to maintain the integrity of your data in a way that can be accessed by multiple users and be able to analyse it on a regular basis. Excel is good for analysing data: performing calculations, exploring different outcomes, and producing charts. With cashbook pro you’ll get all these functions that you would normally get with Excel but with a built in system already there for your daily accounting needs..